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Kim Kobus

Kim Kobus


Kim Kobus


My name is Kim Kobus and I am a proud Navy Mom of 2 children, 1 granddaughter, and a grandson in-law. I’m also a proud Air Force Mom.

Living through our first boot camp, we came up with many questions and found few answers. As more of our kids entered boot camp, I quickly found out others were as uninformed, and I was able to answer some of the questions that first-time Navy mothers had. Over the years this evolved into the Navy Mom Support Group. I formed this group about six years ago. Starting with a small following, the group has grown since its inception to over 1900 families today. We support Parents from the Depper stage to the Life Time Career stage. Navy Mom Support Group allows us to provide support to Navy Moms, but this venture has been a blessing to me personally as well as I have met some incredible Navy mothers, including Melissa Mager and Carol Weber.

Together, the two of us embarked on various voluntary and humanitarian projects for all branches of the Military. Initially we were writing letters to Recruits in Boot camp who either needed encouragement and those that did not receive letters from anyone from home. Today we also write letters to Military personnel abroad, including those serving that need encouragement and those that do not receive letters from home. It became apparent that there were other needs not being met. Today we also mail care packages to sailors in A-school and those serving abroad who for whatever reason don’t have home support.

Several families were not able to attend their Recruits’ Boot camp graduation due to prolonged hospital stays. Others, including single mothers with no one to turn to and others without resources and some who could not afford to travel for reasons unknown were unable to attend their sailor’s boot camp graduation ceremony.

Collectively we made the decision that these families should get to witness their sailor’s graduation ceremony. We were able to make this happen for some families by using our personal funds, money we made by making and selling crafts, frequent flier miles and hotel points. We are proud to say that our group was able to help some of our families who initially thought they could not attend their child’s graduation. We all shared in those families’ happiness, and are grateful that we were able to make a difference. Hearing from these families afterwards has given us the drive and motivation to continue to serve.

Not only do we want to continue to serve those families of sailor’s in boot camp or A school, or the Military serving overseas without home support, but we see other areas in the lives of those who serve where we may be able to make a difference. We also realize that our personal funds are limited, and this limits us in the amount of families, parent(s) and military personnel who could receive benefit from our group.

Our group brainstormed pertinent issues pertaining to the parents and those serving in the military abroad. After many communications the group decided unanimously that we should start a relief fund company. We will continue to help families with financial hardship to attend their child’s boot-camp graduation ceremony. We will also disperse funds to those families and military personnel who otherwise have no support, whether we ship them care packages, or enable their parent(s) to travel to them in the hospital out of their home state or another country upon receiving the call from the US Department of Military.

Our group has made the decision to form “Navy Moms Relief Fund org.” to help all military that may require financial help above and beyond what they can afford for emergency situations.

We will consider all reasonable request and all final decisions regarding disbursements will be approved by the Board upon receiving all requested documented paperwork.

We are praying that through hard work, dedication and your generous donations, we can help all military, their families and parents in need. We are members of numerous Navy and Military Groups and try to assist them in their endeavors of supporting our serving Military.


Dedicated to service members of all branches 

Melissa Mager

Melissa Mager

  • I am a Proud Navy Mom of a Nuke Engineer Sailor. He is a second generation Navy Sailor. I am currently a caregiver for a Warrant Officer’s wife. I have been through many adversities in my life and use them as my strength to help others. The Navy has always impacted my life, after my son left for boot camp, I felt that I had no purpose. However, after a lot of soul searching, and a lot of web browsing, God led me to the Navy Moms Relief Fund, where I am now an Administrator offering counseling to U.S. service members. During my tenure with the Navy Moms Relief Fund, we’ve encountered empty-nesters who have experienced adverse health effects, ending in hospitalization as a result of their children leaving home for the first time as they pursued careers in the Navy. In some cases, the financial burdens proved insurmountable and attending boot camp graduation was not an option.

    I am 100% dedicated to helping military families emotionally and financially but I am fully aware that our resources are limited. With your help, we can overcome all obstacles by answering the distress call from our service members and their families because after all, we owe them our support!


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