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Donation Disclaimer

  • Navy Moms Relief is a nonprofit charity designated as a tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Service Section 501(c) Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  Our tax ID # is 82-1992237

    Please note that all Transactions on our Web site are safe and secure and for Navy Moms Relief Fund purposes only.

    Only Itemizers can deduct contributions. Contributions are deductible for the year in which they are actually paid or delivered. Ledges are not deductible until the year they are actually paid.

    1. The value of a volunteer time or services to a charitable organization is not deductible. However, out of pocket expenses directly related to voluntary service are usually deductible.
    2. Contributions for which the donor receives a gift or other benefits are deductible only to the extent that the donation exceeds the value of the benefit received.
    3. Keeping records of contributions is essential for itemizers. Acceptable records include bank records and written communications from the charity. Contributions of over $250 require a contemporaneous written acknowledgment from the charity.
    4. Donated property may generally be deducted at the fair market value of the property at the time of the contribution. However, there are special rules for the donation of cars and other vehicles.
    5. There are over 20 categories of tax-exempt status. In general, only organizations classified as 501(c)3 and 501(c)19 are eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable gifts.
    6. Some businesses give a percentage of their sales to charitable organizations, and you can choose the charity that will benefit from your purchases. Please select Navy Moms Relief as your preferred charity and then just shop and purchase the items you planned to purchase.
    7. Workplace Giving

    Federal civilian employees, postal workers, and military personnel can participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) which is designed to support non-profit organizations that provide human service benefits and health service benefits. Navy Moms Relief is indeed one of those charities eligible for your support.

    1. Matching Gifts – If your employer has a matching gift program, we are blessed 2 times with your generous donation. Every $1.00 you donate will double through the match.
    2. Memorial and honorary gifts – There is no better way to remember or honor a loved one than by helping the United States Military and their parents who are in need.

    Give stocks – This outright donation/gift immediately impacts the work and mission of Navy Moms Relief and receives favorable tax treatment. You are able to deduct the full market value of the securities and avoid any capital gains tax on the appreciation.  If you would like to bless Navy Moms Relief with a donation of stock, you can do so by contacting Kim Kobus at 757-717-7352 after you have consulted with your tax advisor.

    The Internal Revue Services provides information on deductibility and related matters at

    Other ways to GIVE and Support the United States Military

    There are numerous ways to support our Military and their parents which will leave an everlasting positive impact on our Military. You can give in many ways to show your support for our mission of assisting our Military Parents and our Deployed Military.  You can give a gift in memory or honor of a friend or family member, have your gift matched by your company, or even remember Navy Moms Relief in your will or estate plan.  If helping our Military and the parents who so desperately need help, especially the single parent, please consider leaving Navy Moms Relief Fund in your estate plan and please contact Kim Kobus at 757-717-7352 after you have consulted with your tax advisor. We would like to include your love one in our Military Wall of Legacy.


    1. Honor loved ones, leave a legacy and more.

    A final gift of love and pride in our Military is such a blessed legacy. There is no gift more precious than the gift left from a loved one for a cause they believed and loved.

    You can leave a charitable gift and at the same time provide for the future of your loved ones.  A Gift Annuity is an agreement which allows you to use an asset, such as cash or marketable securities and receive fixed payments for life at attractive rates.

    Payments can be made for one or two lives at rates based on age. You receive an immediate income tax deduction and part of the income you receive is tax free. Upon the death of the annuitants, the remainder of the gift benefits Navy Moms Relief  Please speak with your tax advisor and Bank and make arrangements then call Kim Kobus at 757-717-7352.


    1. Beneficiary Designation Donations/Gifts

    After enjoying your assets during your lifetime, you can directly transfer them to help the Military by naming Navy Moms Relief as the beneficiary on your accounts.

    Navy Moms Relief can be named a beneficiary of your:

    Bank account

    IRS, 401K, TSP

    Life insurance policy

    Publicly traded stocks and bonds

    Mutual fund shares

    Saving bonds

    Whichever way you support us, you will be building a legacy of pride for our Military for generations to come.

    Thank you for giving today.


    1. IRA Charitable Rollover Donation/Gift – If you are 70 ½ years of age or older, you can make a life-changing gift from your IRA account to Navy Moms Relief and potentially save on your taxes.

    Gifts up to $100,000 per year that are made from your IRA to a qualified charity like Navy Moms Relief may not be considered taxable income and may qualify for your required minimum distribution (RMD) which could lower your income and taxes. Limitations may apply so please consult with your tax advisor about making an IRA charitable rollover donation/gift.  Please speak to your tax advisor then please call us at 757-717-7352.


    1. Monthly Giving: Easy and Convenient – Monthly donors are our most loyal supporters. Even as little as $5.00 week can provide a steady much-needed support that allows us to focus on preparing Deployment Care packages and can help us make a commitment to Military parents who are out of work due to illness. With your support, we can send care packages all over the world to our deployed men and women.


    1. A simple way to support Our Troops serving our Country is to leave a bequest to Navy Moms Relief in your will or living trust. Please speak to our bank and then please call us at 757-717-7352.

    A bequest can take the form of:

    The remainder of your estate after providing for your family

    A percentage of your estate

    A specific dollar amount

    The addition of a child named “Navy Moms Relief” to your estate plans, directing those funds to Navy Moms Relief


    Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Care Packages

    The Holidays are upon us and this is usually a depressing and lonely time of year for our Military especially those deployed. Help us this Thanksgiving and Christmas by donating funds to send Holiday related Care Packages.  Please give them the gift of knowing that we – the Citizens of the United States care. A simple $40.00 gift will send one package to a Deployed Service Member. Please specify Holiday gift giving in the comment box on Pay Pal.  Thank you for Giving the Gift of Joy and Pride to our Service Members.